The 2018 Trapshooting Season is Underway

Outdoor practices are every Sunday at the Cedar Falls Gun Club. Practice starts at 1 p.m., everyone doesn't have to be there at 1, but please be there by 2:30, so we can makes sure we get everyone in.

If you haven't turned paperwork in yet, please bring it Sunday, you can't shoot until I have paperwork. I'll have forms with me if you need them. I also have the coaches forms.

As in past years, I have put out an online form for shells, but they won't be here by Sunday, so please plan accordingly.

2017 Letter Winners

Congratulations to our high school letter winners for the 2017 season:

Eli Fox

Olivia Heerkes

Madyson Walter

Jackson Selenke

Luke Koenigsfeld

Emily Roeder

Bradley Cunningham

Morgan Williams

Ethan Huntington

Sydney Lage

Colin Kyhl

Kiley Kyhl

Cynthia Fischer