State Meet Sign-up

I need anyone interested in shooting at the state meet June 6-10 to sign up below by Friday, April 27. Sign-up for slots at State begins this Saturday, April 28. I have to reserve our slots, and I need to know how many squads to reserve space for so I can get them all in the same vicinity as our camping spot. If I have to add additional squads later, they may not be in anywhere the same vicinity as our trailer and camping spot.

Our assigned trailer spot is next to trap one. It's a gathering space for the team and a good place for the coaches to meet. I will be trying to schedule our traps at traps one and two, so we're shooting right by our site. 

State Meet Schedule

Junior High: Wednesday, June 6, 200 targets of singles (100 in the morning, 100 in the afternoon)

Doubles (JH & HS): Thursday, June 7, (morning) 100 targets of doubles

Handicap (JH & HS): Thursday, June 7, (afternoon) 100 targets of handicap (Junior High at 21 yd, High School at 25 yd)

High School: June 8-10, 200 rounds of singles in one day  (100 in the morning, 100 in the afternoon)

Singles Junior High Meet - June 6
Doubles JH-HS Meet - June 7
Handicap JH-HS Meet - June 7
Singles High School Meet - June 8-10