Practice is on for this weekend!!

We will have trapshooting practice this Sunday (March 17), while the Gun Club still has a lot of flooding in the trap houses, they are slowly getting more open. We may be limited to one trap, so it may be slow going. We'll find out when we get there if we can have a second trap. A few important notes...

  • The parking lot is very soft and wet, so the Gun Club asks that you carpool if possible. 
  • Wear footwear appropriate for wet weather, like rubber or waterproof boots. It's seriously wet and messy out there. 
  • We'll probably be on either trap 9 or 10, but there's a slim chance we could be on 4/5. 
  • Bring a shell pouch or shooting vest, we won't have the vests since the trailer is still buried in snow at the school. It's too wet and soft to bring it into the Gun Club parking lot anyway. 

Shell orders won't be delivered to the Gun Club until the next practice on Sunday, March 24. 

The Cedar Falls Gun Club is offering five free rounds to any junior high/highschool trapshooting team member that purchases a Gun Club Annual Membership. The cost is $20 (or $25, I forget). 

If you haven't turned in your paperwork and payment, please do so at the first practice (whenever that is). No one shoots at the range without being signed up and paid.