March 19, 2020

Time for another update, and more cancellations. 

We've received the following message from Iowa DNR and SCTP suspending trapshooting season until May1.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, and state recommendations pertaining to COVID-19, we are cancelling all youth shooting sports practices and competitions now through April 30.  We will continue to provide information to you on the status of the season and championship events as that information becomes available.

The health and safety of our volunteers, participants, and staff is of utmost importance to us, that is why we have these cancellations.  

In addition, the spring Pheasants Forever banquet has been cancelled, and will not be held this year. Anyone who paid for tickets will be receiving a letter from Pheasants Forever outlining the refund. 

While disappointing, this will at least help our budget situation a bit. With the hope that the season can continue on May 1, I will be evaluating opportunities for us to shoot every weekend in May to give us proper time to prepare for state.


I wanted to pass on an update in light of recent developments with the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

As you probably know by now, the AAU fifth grade volleyball tournament has been cancelled due to the coronavirus concerns. The impact on the trapshooting team is the loss of $3,500-$4,000 in revenue for the team. That’s about 1/3 of our annual operating expenses. We have enough reserve in our budget to complete this season, but we won’t be left with a lot to start next season.

To add to our budget, we’ll be putting an increased emphasis on donations. If you have a business you think would be supportive, please let me know and I’ll get a donation letter to you. We’ve found the best approach is by someone connected to the team, rather than just a request for donation letter mailed to the business.

As of right now, the Pheasants Forever banquet on March 28 is still on, although there is still a chance it could be postponed. Whenever the banquet does take place, we will still need 12-15 kids to help with it. They have been good supporters of our program, donating $2,500 a year to the team for a number of years. I am on the banquet committee, if plans change I will let you know as soon as possible.

Now, practices and meets. In addition to anything we decide as a team, we also need to be aware of any actions taken by the D-NH School District, and for our Hudson students, the Hudson School District. The Iowa SCTP, high school trapshooting’s governing body, may also be a factor in any decision about meets being held.

At this time, we will continue with practices and I’m planning on our first meet to be April 4th, but those plans could change quickly. When I got up Thursday morning my wife and I were planning to go to New York City this weekend, and by noon Thursday we had changed our plans and canceled the trip. That’s how quickly circumstances are changing right now.

If you come to practice, please practice good social distancing, and refrain from touching someone else’s gun or equipment. I would prefer we limit our time in the clubhouse, only going into a closed environment like that when absolutely necessary. Since trapshooting is outdoors and not a contact sport, for the time being we may be able to continue with practice and meets while managing the risk of exposure.

If you choose not to come to practice for the time being, I completely respect that decision. Every family must weigh the risks on their own.

Every one of our team members is important to us. I work at UNI and in my position there I’ve been forwarded a lot of information about COVID-19. If we remain calm and take proper precautions we’ll come out OK, but more activities could be canceled before we get to that point.

DeWayne Purdy
Head Coach

March 15, 2020

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